Biden State Department Spokesperson Ned Price Humiliated by AP’s Matt Lee

Who is the worst spokesperson in the Biden Administration? Minister of Propaganda Jen Psaki? Pentagon spokesman John Kirby? Or the youngest member of the Biden Misinformation Team, State Department spokesperson Ned Price?

In this clip, we see Price, who looks like he should be debating with his professor in an undergraduate political science class (even though he’s 40 years old), getting his ass handed to him by veteran AP reporter Matt Lee.

The topic is if Russia is planning a false flag attack where it would appear Ukraine forces are attacking Russian positions on the disputed Ukraine-Russian border, giving Russia a pretext to invade Ukraine.

If you have studied 20th Century European History, where have you seen this story before? How about September 1, 1939, when as justification for Germany's attack on Poland, the German Ministry of Propaganda claimed Polish agents attacked a German radio station on the German-Polish border in Gleiwitz.

(To learn more about that if you are not familiar with that event, click here

Sounds suspiciously like what Price did yesterday in his embarrassing exchange with the AP's Lee.)

You can't watch this without seeing Price humiliated by Lee, 10 minutes of Price doing the Biden Administration two-step of misinformation and disinformation, claiming as fact, that is, at best, the wild supposition that Russia is about to invade Ukraine.

Price is an obvious embarrassment to the United States of America. After this display of incompetence, he should step down immediately and get a job he's better suited for, like teaching female empowerment at Oberlin College.

Don't you agree?




Experienced automotive and travel writer, specializing on automotive adventure travel. Visit my website,

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Rich Truesdell

Rich Truesdell

Experienced automotive and travel writer, specializing on automotive adventure travel. Visit my website,

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