Joe Biden’s Ancestors Owned Slaves, You Can Be Almost Certain That The Mainstream Media Will Ignore and Suppress This Story

Rich Truesdell
5 min readSep 16, 2021

(Had anyone reading this post see any reports of this in the mainstream media or social media before my posting it here?)

A question to ponder.

Had this story been released late October 2020, would Biden have piled up massive majorities in predominantly Black cities like Philadelphia (and thus carried the state of Pennsylvania) or in Detroit (and thus carried Michigan)? Not likely (see my last point below, even before this was known about Biden’s slave-owning ancestry).

What other state elections where Biden narrowly won in 2020 (in much the same way as Trump won in 2016 where he defeated the equally-flawed candidate, Hillary Clinton), would have been more than enough to reverse the results of the 2020 election?

Or would Democrats have won important swing states like Georgia (which also denied the two Senate Republican senate candidates outright wins on Election Day and then lose in runoff races in January) thus tipping the balance of power to win control of the Senate, with the resultant 50/50 split, with Kamala Harris now the deciding vote?

The myth of “Lunch Pail Joe” is as much of a lie as the rest of Biden’s carefully crafted, lie-filled biography. And now we have someone not in command of all his mental capacities, literally ripping up the Constitution with his unconstitutional Executive Orders and mandates, and who masterminded the calamitous, disgraceful, lie-filled exit from Afghanistan.

If you voted for Biden for president on November 3rd, would you have voted for him had you known this? Just be honest. And in retrospect, are you proud of the choice you made when you voted?

I know, many of you will say, “That’s a report from the right-leaning New York Post,” the same New York Post that tried, unsuccessfully, to make voters aware of son Hunter’s laptop scandal, that ultimately turned out to be true. This was a story that was suppressed, especially by left-controlled social media, especially Twitter where so many ill-informed voters turn to, for their news. Many voters stepped into the voting booth on November 3rd, knowing nothing about Hunter’s disgraceful conduct (that also included throwing an unregistered handgun in a dumpster).

Yes, it’s now apparent that the 2020 election was literally stolen, given in retrospect, the closeness in the Electoral College vote in a few key states, more than enough to have tipped the results in Trump’s favor. This happened with the complicity of the mainstream media, to help Biden.

Biden is clearly an illegitimate president. I don’t think anyone with a clear-thinking brain, can now dispute that, no matter how much you hate Trump.

We have all you 81 million voters who voted for a virtual potato for that outcome.

And because of your stupidity, we now need to get our seat belts fastened to get set for rampant inflation that will result from the Biden Administration’s misguided economic policies to print more than three trillion dollars and impose new taxes, especially on the middle class, to pay for his inflationary policies. This will include categories like fuel; things like $5.00/gallon gas nationwide (we already have that here in California), food prices in some categories doubling (like one of my culinary staples, chicken wings which have gone from $2.39/pound at my local Aldi, to $3.89/pound), and so much more.

Ask yourself, “Am I paying more for gasoline (also impacted by Biden’s reckless cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, contributing to the end of US energy independence after Trump’s policies led to the United States being a next energy exporter) or my grocery bill, (two key components of the consumer price index) today, than I was on January 19th?” All 81 million of you know the honest answer.

And what does the mainstream media do? It gaslights you, saying that inflation fears cooled in August, that a 5.3% inflation rate is better than 5.4% in June and July. That’s a statistical anomaly. Just look at your wallet at the end of August and in two weeks at the end of September. Is your wallet thinner?

How stupid does the mainstream media think we are? For the 81 million people who knowingly voted for someone clearly demented, Joe Biden… pretty stupid. The rest of us voted for prosperity, not higher prices (which is a hidden tax, especially on the working poor), and taxes that are sure to rise, not just on the rich, but especially on the middle class who clearly benefitted by Trump’s economic policies.

And then there’s the recent September jobs report, where the Biden Administration was expecting a net gain of 750,000. What did we see? Anemic job growth numbers of 235,000 (mostly people going back to work after the Biden job-sapping, harmful lockdowns), that Biden, boasted about in a nationally televised speech where he took no after-speech questions.

The country is a mess, almost all can be laid at the doorstep to Biden and the clearly overmatched members of his cabinet and administration (Vice President Kamala Harris, Domestic Advisor Susan Rice, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, and his deputy Wendy Sherman who was a part of the Obama’s bungling of the Iran nuclear deal), and their ill-advised domestic and international policies.

And I haven’t even yet mentioned Afghanistan, a once-in-a-generation debacle.

And there’s no dispute that Biden has suffered the worst first six months in office than any other postwar president.

And of course, the icing on the cake, Afghanistan. This is where even our staunchest allies have called out Biden for his complete bungling of the withdrawal, stranding hundreds, if not thousands of Americans to fend for themselves as potential hostages (that Secretary of State Antony Blinken is already saying that the US is considering aid to the Taliban government, which we all know will be a ransom payment to get our citizens home, to say nothing of those Afghans who worked with US forces over the past 20 years).

This starts with the lies, again there’s that word, in his July 23 phone call to the Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani amplified by that lying, duplicitous magpie he calls a press secretary, Propaganda Minister, Jen “Circle back” Psaki.

And of course, there’s the crisis at the Southern border. But that unnecessary, avoidable crisis, I will leave that for a follow-up essay.

I suspect that many of the same people that attacked and vilified me for my July 13 essay, “Did Joe Biden Really Recieve More Than 81 Million Votes in 2020? I don’t Think So. And Here Are Some of the Reasons I Believe Why He Didn’t” post where I questioned that 81 million people actually voted for Biden, will again attack me here.

But truth be told, millions who voted for Biden in 2020, if the election was held today, one in five that voted for Biden would now vote for Trump.

I’ve donned my flame suit, let the attacks begin.



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