That Didn’t Age Well Leslie Stahl?

Rich Truesdell
2 min readFeb 16, 2022

Back in October 2020, Democrat apologist, CBS News propagandist, and 60 Minutes host, Leslie Stahl, badgered President Donald Trump in an interview saying he had no evidence at all that his campaign and his presidency were spied upon. Turns out Trump was right and Stahl and CBS “News” was wrong, very wrong.

Watch this clip above. In it, Leslie Stahl, in retrospect, humiliated herself in the runup to the 2020 election. (Clicking on the link brings you right to the point in the interview where Stahl pushes back to Trump saying he has no evidence that his campaign was hacked. Trump knew it was true, Stahl obviously didn’t, unless she was knowingly covering for her Democrat friends.)

The ongoing Durham investigation now shows that insiders in the Clinton Campaign (like current National Security Advisor, man-child Jake Sullivan, who at this very moment is hell-bent in trying to drag the United States into an armed conflict with Russia over Ukraine) and Hillary Clinton herself, participated in illegal acts of spying on the Trump campaign and the Trump presidency, some have already been charged and indicted. Now the investigation needs to go all the way to the head of the snake, Hillary Clinton.

Finally, after 50 years in the public eye and possibly having literally gotten away with murder (to see all the Clintonworld insiders, more than 70, who have died under mysterious circumstances over the last five decades, click here), should be indicted, charged, put on trial, and if convicted, be sent to prison for the rest of her life for her many crimes.

Likely she won’t. Rather as the Democrat 2024 front-runners like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and a half-dozen more pretenders to the throne, fall by the wayside, Clinton, by default, might be rewarded with the Democrat presidential nomination. Does that illustrate, more than anything, how corrupt and morally bankrupt the modern-day Democrat Party has become?

Concurrently, watch another Democrat apologist and mainstream propagandist Carl Bernstein, on the DNC fake news outlet, MSNBC (also known by many as MSDNC), blathering on how Trump was worse than Nixon. This one-hit-wonder, Bernstein, like Stahl on 60 Minutes, illustrates with every word that he mutters, how Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has infected his brain. Watch as MSNBC host, Ari Melber, on his low-rated show, The Beat, unlike Stahl, just lets him drone on with Bernstein’s almost incomprehensible nonsense about sedition with absolutely no pushback at all from the blank-faced Melber.

As for Leslie Stahl, for her journalist malpractice and incompetence, she should be fired by CBS. It’s not likely that she will, now, or ever.



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